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Easy-to-fit steering rack boot kit from Connect Workshop Consumables
Thursday 11 July 2024

Steering rack boot (or gaiter) replacement: if you pop the track-rod end then unscrew it to remove the old rack boot you will affect the front wheel tracking. Yes, you can count the threads, etc, and get the track rod... read more

Replacement caravan and trailer 7-pin 12N plugs and sockets from Connect Workshop Consumables
Thursday 04 July 2024

Caravan and trailer single 7-pin (12N) plugs and sockets need replacement from time to time due to exposure to the elements causing corrosion in the wiring contacts, physical damage, or damage due to an electrical... read more

Connect Workshop Consumables introduces twist-to-break cable ties
Thursday 04 January 2024

Introducing the Connect Workshop Consumables Twist-To-Break Cable Ties — a versatile and dependable solution for all your cable management requirements. The twist-to-break functionality ensures easy usage and secure... read more

Comprehensive fog lamp harness connector kit
Thursday 05 October 2023

Introducing the Assorted Fog Lamp Harness Connector Kit, new from Connect Workshop Consumables (part number 37666). This kit includes a set of 24 fog light connectors, each equipped with a short harness. This is a... read more

Useful cable ties feature a swivelling C-clip for secure mounting
Thursday 01 June 2023

New from Connect Workshop Consumables is this pack of 10 cable-routing clips (part number 36642), that feature a swivelling plastic C-clip mounted on the cable tie and is designed for clipping hoses and pipes to... read more

Useful windscreen washer pipe repair kit from Connect Workshop Consumables
Tuesday 12 July 2022

Repairing a windscreen washer system can be problematic at times; you may need to replace degraded, kinked or rodent-nibbled washer hose, or even stuck one-way valves and leaking connectors. This windscreen washer pipe... read more

New and fully revised 2022 Workshop Consumables Catalogue
Tuesday 28 June 2022

The brand new Connect Workshop Consumables catalogue has now arrived, and it features over 6,000 products suitable for businesses and tradesmen of all disciplines covering: Electrical, Fasteners & Fixings, Trim... read more

Wraparound braided harness sleeving from Connect Workshop Consumables
Tuesday 03 May 2022

Wraparound braided harness sleeving from Connect Workshop Consumables — this self-closing braided sleeving provides a lightweight and easy to install solution for protecting and tidying electrical wiring harnesses. It... read more

Full range of Trax wheel weights available
Thursday 22 July 2021

Connect Workshop Consumables continues to turn your local motor factor into a one-stop-shop for workshop consumables with their truly comprehensive range that now includes a full range of Trax wheel weights for the tyre... read more